Unique concept dedicated to Slovak music scene

Ostrov Hudby, project supported by musicians, fans, media, clubs and festivals, carries on the legacy of late Slovak journalist Juraj Kušnierik, famous for his enthusiastic dedication to the local music scene and the positive impact on it. Music compilations, live shows, lectures, documentary and a Contribution to Music Award for 2016 are now part of his legacy.

spring 2016

Idea of independent labels joining forces

summer 2016

Concept of music compilation to promote Slovak music abroad

autumn 2016

First compilation to be dedicated to Juraj Kušnierik

autumn 2016

The proceeds from the compilation to be used for activities of newly founded organisation LALA Slovak Music Export

winter 2016

Release of "Ostrov Hudby I" music compilation (Download / Stream)

spring 2017

Ostrov hudby compilation is being given 2016 Radio_Head Award for Contribution to Music

summer 2017

Successful crowdfunding campaign for CD release

summer 2017

Documentary Ostrov hudby is being made

autumn 2017

Release of "Ostrov Hudby II" music compilation (Download / Stream / CD)

spring 2018

"Ostrov Hudby II" to be played live in its entirety at Sharpe Festival main stage

autumn 2018

Release of "Ostrov Hudby III" music compilation (Download / Stream / CD)

winter 2018

Ostrov hudby Tour - live concerts of artists from the compilation in four Slovak towns

winter 2018

Documentary to be premiered on Eurosonic festival announcement

Documentary Ostrov hudby FILM

What makes a music scene? What is the state of Slovakia’s music industry? How does one define success? Can music earn you a living? In what ways can Slovak musicians contribute to the scene abroad? We’d love to show you the scene we believe in.

V/A Compilations

Ostrov hudby I
Ostrov hudby I

2016 • 23 songs • 92 minutes

4 renowned independent Slovak labels, booking agency and music export office joined forces and created the first Ostrov Hudby compilation. It was dedicated to sadly passed away Juraj Kušnierik, journalist who spent years mapping Slovak music scene.

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Ostrov hudby II
Ostrov hudby II

2017 • 18 songs • 77 minutes

The second Ostrov Hudby compilation managed to get additional music project and label on board. The compilation was, with the help from fans, also released on CD. The proceeds from the Ostrov Hudby 2 compilation were mainly used for music education and networking activities on European showcase festivals.

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Ostrov hudby III
Ostrov hudby III

2018 • 14 songs • 63 minutes

The third and the latest Ostrov Hudby compilation introduced additional set of local artists with export potential. Purchase of any of these compilation will support Slovak independent music scene.

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All artists join the project free of charge. Their motivation was just the support of Slovak music.

  • The Ills
  • Jimmy Pé
  • Longital
  • Fallgrapp
  • Bulp
  • Autumnist
  • Purist
  • Tolstoys
  • Stroon
  • Korben Dallas
  • Ospalý Pohyb
  • Živé kvety
  • Foolk
  • Karol Mikloš
  • Zorba že ja Budha
  • Katarína Máliková
  • Elections in the Deaftown
  • Duhan
  • Prezident Lourajder
  • Archívny Chlapec
  • I Am Planet
  • Ivana Mer
  • Pkrek
  • 3ck
  • Petijee
  • Biomat
  • Analogrunner
  • Satin Lead
  • Nightlines
  • Alapastel
  • Isama Zing
  • Diego
  • Katarzia
  • Luvver
  • Space Cats
  • Swan Bride
  • 52 Hertz Whale
  • Nylon Union
  • Gladia Moony
  • David Kollar

Radio_Head Awards 2016

Ostrov Hudby project earned 2016 Radio_Head Award for Contribution to Music, awarded by Radio_FM and Dennik N.


  • Richard Čermák
  • Alexander Čerevka
  • Martina Slováková
  • Jozef Pajerský
  • Jana Lokšenincová
  • Martin Turzík
  • Táňa Lehocká
  • Miro Gajdoš
  • Marek Víger
  • Peter Póša
  • Michal Rafaj
  • Matúš Hnát
  • Damián Pastirčák

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